Varun Sarda

Head of ESG Advisory

Joined NatWest Markets

August 2012

In current position

February 2020


As Head of ESG Advisory at NatWest, Varun supports the bank’s corporate clients, advising them across a range of ESG and Sustainability issues and related financing. Varun is also a regular speaker on sustainability and stewardship.

Previous positions

Prior to his current role, Varun was part of the Sustainable Banking Management Team within RBS Group Strategy. In this role Varun led the Bank’s engagement with institutional investors on sustainability as well as the Bank’s approach and response to ESG ratings, environmental and social performance measurement, and integrated reporting. Other responsibilities included identifying emerging sustainability themes, supporting the bank's sustainability strategy, and engaging with various stakeholder groups.

Varun also previously worked in the Markets & International Banking (M&IB) division, supporting lending and markets teams globally by advising them on environmental, social, ethical and reputational risks.

Previous experience

Prior to RBS, Varun worked in PwC’s Sustainability & Climate Change UK Advisory Practice, and in the ESG ratings industry. At PwC he advised various private equity and banking clients on their responsible investment/sustainable lending strategy, policy and procedures development and capacity building. In ESG ratings, Varun worked at two ratings agencies namely Innovest Strategic Value Advisors (now part of MSCI) and EIRIS (now majority owned by Moody’s Investor Service).

As an ESG analyst he covered various sectors and helped support investment managers with pertinent environmental, social, governance and ethical information to help inform their investment analysis.


Varun has a Masters from the London School of Economics (LSE), and a Bachelors degree from Imperial College London.