Paul Robson

Head of G10 FX Strategy

Joined NatWest Markets


In current position

July 2016


Mr. Robson is a London-based Senior strategist covering G10 and Emerging Market currencies, specialising in the major European currencies. He is responsible for formulating the RBS Sterling currency view and provides input into the organisation’s global macro view. As well as editing RBS Sterling Strategy Weekly, he is lead contributing author of Global Currency Monthly, Weekly Global Themes and Global Currency Alpha publications.

Previous position at the company

Up to June 2016, Mr Robson was a senior currency research analyst, Independent Research


Mr. Robson graduated from Portsmouth University and holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Bristol.

Additional background

Mr. Robson is predominately a top-down macro-strategist focusing on G-20 currency markets and has over 20 years of experience covering a wide range of economies and financial markets. He also provides bottom-up, deep-drive analysis on European currencies and economies, specialising in Sterling, the Euro and Nordic currencies. His main research interest is econometric modelling of currency short and long term equilibrium exchange rates. Paul joined RBS from Bank One Capital Markets, where he held the position of Market Strategist. Previously he held Senior Macroeconomist/Researcher positions at several leading economic forecasting organisations, including the Centre for Economic Forecasting at the London Business School (LBS), Oxford Economics (OEF) and Global Insight. During his time at the Confederation of British Industry and LBS, he was responsible for running fully-specified macro-economic models of the UK and reported to two former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) members (Barker/Sentance).