John Briggs

Head of Strategy, Americas

Joined NatWest Markets


In current position



Mr. Briggs is Head of Strategy, Americas, with a focus on determining and effectively delivering NatWest Markets’ macro cross-asset view, as well as leading and coordinating NatWest Markets’ strategy efforts in the Americas.  In this role and as Head of Treasury Strategy, he publishes the US Strategy Focus flagship publication, as well as the Treasury Morning Call and NatWest Markets Closing Note, and in this capacity, assists the global sales and trading desks with both internal and external client interactions.  Formerly, John was the Head of Cross-Asset Strategy and also Head of Asset-Backed Products Strategy, managing and coordinating our strategic views in MBS, ABS, and Structured Products. 

Previous position at the company

Head of Cross-Asset Strategy, Americas and Head of Asset-Backed Products Strategy, Americas


Mr. Briggs holds a BSBA from Bucknell University and a Masters of Science in Financial Risk Management from the University of Connecticut.

Additional background

Mr. Briggs held the position of Proprietary Trader at BWT Professional Trading, Inc. and was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Prologue Capital LLC. In addition, Mr. Briggs spent 11 years serving in a variety of roles at Capra Asset Management, including Head Trader for more than seven years.