Jim McCormick

Global Head of Desk Strategy

Joined NatWest Markets

July 2017


Jim is the Global Head of Desk Strategy. Jim oversees the Desk Strategy Team and product and helps develop, package and deliver our Global Macro Desk Strategy offering to our internal and external clients.


He has a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University in Quantitative Business Analysis and a Master’s in Business Administration from New York University, where he double majored in Finance and Economics.

Additional background

With 25 years of experience in global macro strategy, Jim began his career at JP Morgan focusing on global bond supply and international capital flows. He joined Lehman Brothers in 2001 and led the currency and emerging markets research teams. During his time at Lehman, he built and managed the team’s award-winning research product and helped develop MarQuS, a set of quantitative, systematic trading tools that were amongst the first of their kind in global currency markets. After Lehman, Jim worked at Citigroup and Nomura. At Nomura, he ran European Fixed Income Research and built a Global Macro Strategy team, focusing on analytical frameworks for assessing and trading macro themes. He also spent two years at Barclays as Global Head of Asset Allocation Research. In recent years, he led the strategy teams at two macro hedged funds, COMAC Capital and Prologue Capital. In both roles he was responsible for the formation of macro themes, assessment of the best implementation across FX, rates, commodities and equities and maintenance of the existing macro portfolio.