Dr Arthur Krebbers

Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporates

Joined NatWest Markets

September 2008

In current position

June 2016


Dr Krebbers is Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporates for NatWest Markets. He supports NWM’s client base
globally in:

  • Structuring sustainable debt instruments
  • Construction of socially responsible investment portfolios
  • Formulating and benchmarking corporate sustainability strategies
  • Engaging with external ESG stakeholders

Dr Krebbers publishes research a range of ESG trends, including most recently sustainable treasury strategies and
the green halo effect. He writes the widely-distributed NWM “Issue your greens” newsletter, covering pertinent
developments within the asset class.

Previous positions

Corporate Financing & Risk Solutions, Corporate bond origination


Dr Krebbers has a PhD in Finance from Strathclyde University, as well as an MSc and BSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science.