COVID-19 Corporate Finance Facility Webinar: Your questions about the CCFF answered

April 08 2020

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We have created an exclusive webinar introducing our clients to HM Treasury's new COVID-19 Corporate Finance Facility (CCFF).

During the hour-long session, we explain how the CCFF can be used to access much-needed liquidity in the challenging macroeconomic environment.

In the webinar, our team covers:

  • How the facility works
  • Ratings and documentation considerations
  • Execution and pricing
  • Key questions from our clients

Carla Floyd, Head of UK Corporates & Specialised Sectors, commented:

We're keen to continue to provide the support our clients need at this difficult time, and make sure those who can benefit from this new facility do so. Everyone has adapted to the working from home set-up remarkably well and being able to deliver client content over Zoom is integral. We're delighted with the uptake from clients and just how well it all went.

Gustavo Brianza, Head of Ratings Advisory, added:

Our clients need answers and swift action more than ever at the moment. It's been great to see the F&RS and LC&I teams work together to provide those – both at the event and since this facility launched. We're excited to see how this new facility really could provide a solution for some of those who joined us yesterday, and are looking forward to many more of those conversations over the coming days.

If you'd like to watch our webinar, please reach out to your relationship manager who will be able to send it to you directly.