Markets and EconomyThe Year Ahead 2022: Vital insights to help you piece together the post-pandemic economy and thrive

Analysis and perspectives that can help you thrive in the post-pandemic economy

Markets and EconomyThe Year Ahead 2022: From Big Fiscal to Big Consumer – and how central banks will react to the transition

We take a closer look at the handoff from generous fiscal policy to consumption-led growth in the year ahead, how central banks could react to new inflationary pressures, and what all of this means for markets.

Markets and EconomyThe Year Ahead 2022: What a “World of Shortages” means for markets, companies, and the economy

As the global economy has reopened, demand has clearly outpaced the supply of nearly everything from skills and employees to energy and commodities, and big questions remain over the scale and persistence of the disruption in the year ahead. We take a closer look at how long they’re likely to last and the major implications for key sectors, markets, and regions.

Markets and EconomyThe Year Ahead 2022: Six ways China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ policy could affect the global economy

China’s “Common Prosperity” policy looks set to be a game changer for the country as it refocuses its priorities away from economic expansion at breakneck speed at any cost towards a long-term goal of reducing domestic inequality in the years to come. We consider some of the key implications of the new policy and what they mean for the global economy.

Markets and EconomyThe Year Ahead 2022: Why ‘greenflation’ could confront policymakers and society with new challenges

As climate and social sustainability issues move to the top of the agenda, one of the biggest concerns is that greening the economy could result in higher inflation or ‘greenflation’. In the Year Ahead 2022, we consider some of the key questions about the link between going green and inflation, and potential implications for central banks and for society.

Markets and EconomyThe Year Ahead 2022: Six themes set to shape the corporate ESG landscape in 2022

Sustainability continues to edge up the corporate agenda – so what does 2022 have in store? Our specialists discuss six key themes that will dominate the corporate sustainability outlook in the year ahead.

ESG/SustainabilityCOP26 Transport day debrief: the transition to zero-emissions

The global transition to zero-emission road transport has reached a tipping point. Our videocast from COP26 focuses on the key discussions and announcements on the investment in green transport.

ESG/SustainabilityCOP26 Closing day debrief: the top takeaways

Has COP26 provided the impetus to unleash the ambitious actions and finance required to reach emissions targets? Our specialists reflect on the diverse range of voices and discussions from the event.

ESGRingside seat at COP26: the importance of green finance and other key takeaways

Our Head of Climate & ESG Capital Markets, Caroline Haas, was at COP26 last week – get our outline of the developments for green finance and a deep dive on all the discussions of this crucial event.

ESGCOP26 Energy day debrief: developments to expect

What role must businesses, investors and organisations play to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C? Hear from our climate specialists live at COP26 about new measures to scale up clean power and the business opportunities from sustainable energy.

ESGFinance day debrief: does COP26 mean green finance is going mainstream?

To achieve the UN climate change goals, every business must adapt and the role of finance is crucial. Our live report from COP26 considers how public and private finance flows can be mobilised to take action on the changing climate.

ESGCOP26 World leaders’ day debrief: why this COP is pivotal for business

Reporting from the COP26 Blue Zone, get our on-the-ground specialists’ insights dominating the policies and ideas dominating world leaders’ discussions.