NatWest Markets wins the Best FX Prime Brokerage Award in the Profit & Loss 2020 Digital FX Awards

May 05 2020

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For the second time, NatWest Markets has won the Best FX Prime Brokerage Award in the Profit & Loss 2020 Digital FX awards. We were also awarded for e-FX excellence for order management functionality.

The awards recognise industry players for innovation, offering proprietary technology, and collaborating with third parties to offer solutions that foster client growth.

Colin Lambert, Managing Editor of Profit & Loss said, “the striking aspect of Natwest Markets’ FX prime brokerage offering is how, at a time when some of its peers are consolidating their business into smaller, consolidated groups of clients, it continues to offer a multi-faceted solution to meet the needs of the widest possible range of market participants. The service is underpinned by the innovative use of technology and risk models to help the bank manage the range and numbers of clients seeking to engage with what is the best FX prime brokerage service on the street.”

Marcus Butt, Global Head of Prime Service and Futures at NatWest Markets added, “We’re delighted to once again be recognised by Profit & Loss for our Prime Brokerage business. The feedback has been outstanding, and it really goes to show that the unique service model we’re building is the right one for our clients. Thank you again Profit & Loss for recognising our contribution to the market is so highly valued by our clients.”

Simon Manwaring, Head of Currencies Trading at NatWest Markets said, “I am delighted to see that the efforts of our Prime Brokerage team have, once again, been recognised. They provide a fantastic service to our customers and continue to maintain their ‘best in class’ status. It’s always pleasing when our efforts around orders are recognised externally and this fully reflects our commitment to clients within the currencies business – a great effort!”

Simon Holland and Ged Corbett are both Co-Heads of the Segregated Orders Execution Desk at NatWest Markets, and commented on the award received for the e-FX excellence for order management functionality, When we set the desk up 5 years ago, it was a unique offering and a bold move by the bank. To be recognised for a second time by P&L magazine shows how positively the desk is viewed externally and fits entirely within the NWM remit of putting customers first. This was a great team effort from all of our guys.”

For more information about the awards, please click here.

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